Best Women’s at Home Workout Program

Best Womens Workout Program for At Home Use


I’m sure you know there are millions of workout programs out there. Each claiming to “be the best” on the market, or has some crazy market buzz words. Such as “reverse interval training”. Most of this time this is just crap.

However it is essential to use a workout program because you can follow a system that works all muscles evenly and most importantly properly. The thing is, I hate going somewhere with other people to work out. Maybe i’m self conscious but it’s something that I don’t like. I’d rather work out in the comfort of my own home and get my muscles working there.

How Important is Form during a Workout Session – Especially at Home?

Form is extremely overlooked, and the problem with at home workout programs is you don’t have a coach to help you with your form. Good form when exercising not only keeps you from hurting yourself it also is a major factor is getting the body you want.

proper form is important when working outIn fact, form is probably the most important part of a workout, if your form is off then not only are you not getting the most out of the workout but you can every easily hurt or damage your body! Workout programs help show you good form and follow a good system, it also gets you in a decent rhythm.

A interesting video on the importance of form

But what workout programs are going to be worth spending some money on? Some are amazingly expensive, and some are just dumb.

Best Workout Program for Women that you can use at your Home

When choosing a good workout program there are a few things to consider:

  1. Knowledge and Proof of Instructor – Ideally you want an instructor that knows what they are doing and have results to back up whatever claims they might have.
  2. Positive Reviews – If you are like me then you probably read one or more reviews on a product before you buy it. If the reviews aren’t great or not very informative then it’s probably best to shy away from it.

Since anything I talk about is something I was interested in I have done the hard work for you, but seriously make sure you read reviews too. Never take just my advice!

But the workout that I think is really worth buying is the Bikini Body Guide, there are a few of them out there and there is an awesome review on the Kayla Itsines Workout by thefitnessjunkie. That’s a blog that I love following, check it out if you want.

The gist of this workout: what I like about it is it’s quite cheap $39.95 if you get Jen’s and $60 something if you decide to get kayla’s. But it’s very simple and has great nutrition information. What’s crazy is diet is more important that the exercise you do to get the body you want! Both of the coaches have incredible knowledge and social following so it has a lot of trust and proof.

I hope that helps you make an informed decision when choosing a workout program! It’s a really great way to get in and stay in shape and looking healthier!


Why Health and Nutrition Products Are Shady

Be careful when Buying Health and Nutrition Products – How to Spot Snake Oil

Health and nutrition is a subject where there is a lot of grey area. One person might find research that shows that vitamin C is a harmful toxin, and another one find out its the “holy grail” of nutrients. But how can research show such different results with the same nutrient they are studying? There are a ton, and I mean a crap ton of health products. Most are complete garbage based on crappy “research”. However there are some products out there that really do help you become healthier.

The question is how do you find the good products and spot the snake oils?

(That was just an example, research shows vitamin C is extremely helpful to our body)

Take a look at scientific claims, unless they are FDA approved nothing can claim to cure anything.

John Oliver Talks About Untrue Scientific Claims

The reason for this is that research results can almost always be skewed one way or an other.

healthy-foodFor instance, take salmon. One research claim can show that salmon is extremely high in protein and omega fatty acids which are essential for our bodies at the cellular level.

While another researcher may find that salmon contains iodine which is deadly for some people and can cause an extremely severe allergic reaction. Or they may find that the fish contains some levels of mercury.

This is true, what ends up happening however, is they skew the numbers and inflate the dangerous possibilities to an incredible level, so much that while the bases may be somewhat accurate becomes a flat out lie. Then all they need to do is slap on some fine print and call it good.

These people and companies prey on the fact that most people don’t know much about nutrition and we take “experts” advice without much question. And since they based their findings on real results and slap on some fine print it’s legal.

health supplementsSo with health supplements the reality is that whoever has the money gets the favorable review. Well that stops here, anything I find that is good and on the up and up I will talk about. But please! Please dont just take my word on it, do your research!!!